In Brief...

The Knowledge Leaders Council is for individuals that are proven leaders in Knowledge Management (KM), Organizational Learning and Leadership Development in large organizations.

Members apply collective intelligence to solve emerging business problems, examine the impact of a knowledge-sharing culture and establish connections with external thought leaders to be successful in their own organizations.

This council is the longest standing KM executive peer group, formed in 1996. Group size is limited to 20 firms. Membership is by invitation only. Vendors and consultants are not eligible for membership.

Contact member chair if interested in learning more.

Next Meeting

Date: September 23-24, 2020

Location:Members-Only Virtual Community Site

Agenda Topics:

Previous Meetings

Date: May 2020

Location:Members-Only Virtual Community Site

Agenda Topics:

    • The KLC Game Show
    • Virtual Knowledge Cafe on Pandemic Impact and Opportunities
    • Rapid-Fire Roundtable
    • The Virtual Happy Hour

Date: January 2020

Host: ExxonMobil

Location: Houston, TX

Agenda Topics:

    • Anticipatory Knowledge Delivery
    • Integration of Learning / KM and Innovation
    • An Innovative Approach to Knowledge Transfer

Date: September 2019

Host: Goodyear

Location: Akron, OH

Agenda Topics:

    • Knowledge Flow Challenge within Technology Development
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool applied to Expertise Location and Crowdsourcing
    • Agile Integrated KM

Date: May 2019

Host: TechnipFMC

Location: Houston, TX

Agenda Topics:

    • Stories from the KM Frontlines
    • TechnipFMC KM Program Overview
    • Metrics, measures and ROI panel

Date: February 2019


Location: Pasadena, CA

Agenda Topics:

    • Delivering Learning/Training to a Global Workforce
    • Leadership Training and Talent Management
    • Trends in Change Management
    • Measuring and Metrics for Learning/Training

Date: October 2018

Host: US Department of State Foreign Service Institute

Location: Arlington, VA

Agenda Topics:

    • Delivering Learning/Training to a Global Workforce
    • Leadership Training and Talent Management
    • Trends in Change Management
    • Measuring and Metrics for Learning/Training

Date: February 2018

Host: Amgen

Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

Agenda Topics:

    • Global Networks & Communities of Practice
    • Operations and use of Knowledge Management
    • The intersection of KM and User Experience
    • Data Analytics and Cognitive Computing
    • Visualization platforms

Date: September 2017


Location: McLean, VA

Agenda Topics:

    • Anticipatory Knowledge Delivery
    • Neighborhood Collaborative Work Spaces
    • Innovation and Knowledge Management

Date: May 31-June 2, 2017

Host: The Hershey Company

Location: Hershey, PA

Agenda Topics:

  • Hershey Technical Intelligence Team
  • Supply Chain Learning
  • Insights Driven Supply Chain / Big Data

Date: January 31-February 2, 2017

Host: NASA

Location: Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Agenda Topics:

  • NASA's KM Journey
  • Expertise Location System Projects
  • Metrics & Value Reports for Executive Management

Date: September 2016

Host: Deere & Company

Location: Moline, IL

Agenda Topics:

  • Auto-classification processes to maximize business outputs
  • Knowledge Competencies used in the Manufacturing Supply Chain
  • Knowledge Strategies for Demonstrating Value

Date: June 2016

Location: Washington, DC

Agenda Topics:

  • Applied Data and Predictive Analytics
  • A New Knowledge Management Innovation Methodology
  • State of the Integration of KM and Learning
  • Measurement / Metrics Round Table

Date: February 2016

Location: Coronado, CA

Agenda Topics:

  • Using KM as a verb
  • Embracing Adversity
  • Cultures and Traditions of Knowledge-sharing

Date: October 2015

Host: CIA

Location: Arlington and Langley, VA

Agenda Topics:

  • Leaders Challenge to Nurture a Collaborative Ecosystem
  • KM at the The Center for the Study of Intelligence
  • Lessons Learned Programs

Date: May 2015


Location: Bedford, MA

Agenda Topics:

  • Knowledge-driven Enterprises
  • Practical Wisdom and its relation to knowledge
  • Visualization & Reporting tools
  • Insights into tackling Wicked Problems

Date: February 2015

Host: IDEO Design Center; The Institute of the Future

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Agenda Topics:

  • Innovation and KM
  • Organizational Culture Change
  • Real-life Business Value Assessments

Date: September 8-10, 2014

Host: Goodyear

Location: Goodyear Innovation Center and Kent State

Agenda Topics:

  • Integrating KM into the Work of the Business
  • Creating Sustainable Business Value
  • Real-life Business Value Assessments

Date: June 2014

Host: US Department of State

Location: George C. Marshall Center, Washington, DC

Agenda Topics:

  • Supporting K-transfer at The State Department
  • K-sharing Across Global Cultures
  • Design Thinking Applied to KM Challenges

Date: February 2014

Host: Assurant

Location: Miami, FL

Agenda Topics:

  • Aligning KM to Business Strategies
  • Executive Management Perspectives
  • Organizational Structures for KM Teams

Date: September 2013

Host: Institute for Defense Analyses

Location: Washington, DC area

Agenda Topics:

  • Job Rotation and Knowledge Transfer
  • Lessons Learned
  • Status of Enterprise Collaboration Initiatives

Date: May 8-10, 2013

Location: West Point Military Academy

Agenda Topics:

  • The New Competencies for KM Leaders
  • The Journey

Date: February 2013

Host: FMC Technologies

Location: Houston, TX

Meeting Theme: The value of KM to BIG DATA and Analytics

Date: September 2012


Location: McLean, VA

Meeting Theme: Lessons UNLEARNED

Date: May 2012

Host: 3M

Location: St. Paul, MN

Meeting Theme: Increasing Global Sales through KM

Date: February 2012

Host: Shell

Location: Houston, TX

Meeting Theme: Social Media and its Impact on Learning in Large Orgs

Date: September 2011

Host: Center for Naval Analyses

Location: Alexandria, VA

Meeting Theme: Knowledge Meets Action: High Impact Teams that Accelerate Innovation and Results

Date: May 2011

Host: Schwab

Location: San Francisco, CA

Meeting Theme: Open Leadership and Culture Shifts

Date: February 2011

Location: Austin, TX

Meeting Theme: Storytelling for Business

Date: September 2010

Host: The World Bank

Location: Washington, DC

Meeting Theme: The Realities of Successful and Sustainable Implementations

Date: May 2010

Host: Microsoft

Location: Redmond, WA

Meeting Theme: KM Journey Experiences

Date: February 2010

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Meeting Theme: Linking Knowledge to Business Strategy

Date: September 2009

Location: Chicago

Meeting Theme: Knowledge and Risk Management

Date: May 2009

Host: MIT

Location: Boston, MA

Meeting Theme: Technology and KM

Date: February 2009

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Meeting Theme: KM and Enterprise 2.0

Date: September 2008

Host: US Naval Academy

Location: Annapolis, MD

Meeting Theme: Generational Knowledge Transfer

Date: May 2008

Host: Pepperdine University

Location: Malibu, CA

Meeting Theme: Brains and Decisions

Date: February 2008

Location: Amelia Island. FLA

Meeting Theme: How the Brain Works

Date: October 2007

Location: Boston

Meeting Theme: Future of Collaboration

Date: May 2007

Location: Washington, DC

Meeting Theme: The New World of Work: Implications for Knowledge Management

Date: February 2007

Location: Keystone, CO

Meeting Theme: Virtual Collaboration

Date: September 2006

Host: Apex Performance

Location: Charlotte, NC

Meeting Theme: Peak Performance and KM

Date: May 2006

Host: Harvard


Meeting Theme: The State of Knowledge Management

Date: February 2006

Host: Qualcomm

Location: San Diego, CA

Meeting Theme: The Flat World and KM

Date: September 2005

Host: West Point Military Academy

Location: West Point, NY

Meeting Theme: KM and Leadership Development

Date: May 2005

Host: General Motors

Location: Detroit, MI

Meeting Theme: Can HR and KM really be connected?

Date: February 2005

Host: Boeing

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Meeting Theme: Delivering on Strategic Intent of the Organization

Date: October 2004

Location: Harvard

Agenda Topics:

  • Making the Connection between Networks and Innovation
  • Findings from a Best-Practice Study on Innovation
  • The Market for Real Time Collaboration

Date: June 2010

Host: Hewitt

Location: Chicago

Agenda Topics:

  • Practical Implementations of Connecting Online Communities to Strategic Issues
  • OK can you really get online discussions to work?

Date: Feb 2004

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Meeting Theme: Delivering Biz Value Through Communities of Practice

Date: October 2003

Host: SAIC

Location: McLean, VA

Meeting Theme: What it takes to be an effective KM practitioner

Date: May 1996

Host: Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Meeting Theme: The Intersection of Learning and Knowledge Management

The Knowledge Leaders Council is part of

The Learning Forum (TLF) Executive Council Network is a member-driven research and networking organization for F500 firms.

With the first council formed in 1996 and later a network of councils launching in 2000, TLF has given senior executives unique and confidential peer learning connections through a high trust network.

The councils go beyond "best practice" thinking to solve the most challenging business issues.

Meetings are private and membership is by invitation only.